Selenium Online Training

Selenium refers to a comprehensive suite of tools that have capabilities to supports instant development of test automation for a wide range of web based applications. The platform has record/playback tool for writing tests that has effectively ruled out the need of test scripting language (Selenium IDE).  The software can support multiple browsers including Firefox, Opera, and Google Chrome and multiple platforms such as Microsoft, Linux, and Macintosh. In addition, it also features a Domain Specific Language called as Selenese.

The various components of Selenium include Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Selenium facilitates wiring tests in several programming languages like Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby etc. On account of its versatile range of applications, Selenium is highly preferred by organizations and professionals who have mastered Selenium can hope to find amazing career opportunities.

Applications are fast turning quite complex and highly demanding. This requires that the platforms for developing apps are robust with cutting edge capabilities. One of the ways to tap on the market with millions of users is to achieve capabilities to support Ajax-heavy applications through multiple browsers across different scenarios working on multiple operating systems.

Selenium is a wonderfully capable software testing framework meant for the web that enables the automation of browsers. Selenium presents two tools namely Selenium IDE and Selenium WebDriver. The latter is a highly powerful open ended tool that enables the users script immense variety of testing interactions. Selenium IDE is a simple but powerful Firefox extension that can let the users record as well as replay sets of browser interactions in the form of test cases. IDE and WebDriver can be used in conjunction with a third party browser emulation service. It is highly and easily possible to completely automate the cross-browser testing.

Arani Consulting is one of the most preferred online course providers for large number of professionals to learn Selenium. Arani Consultancy offers online training on an exhaustive range of IT courses and software that very few companies can match. We are highly particular about the quality of our courses and the utility value of the courses to the participants. IT courses are not mere certifications. The candidates cannot move an inch further with their career if they do not master the course. The recruiters today are keen to see the output of the candidates to assess how much their roles will benefit their organization. Therefore, they wish to gain access to the assignments and projects accomplished by the candidates while learning the courses. Quality projects and innovative ideas always have a distinctive advantage over the others. They can attract the attention of recruiters to consider the merits of candidates. Our training programs create enough avenues to reach out the top recruiters. Our trainers provide a great assistance with the projects and assignments done by the candidates while pursuing the course.

All our online courses are highly productive. We have paid attention to the minutest details with regard to designing of various modules forming part of every program. The courses are delivered with a lot of practical inputs that will enable a real time working experience with the modules. In addition, our trainees enjoy a maximum scope to interact with the top industry experts who deliver the courses. We always believe in training smaller groups to facilitate a focused learning experience. With regard our online training programs, we are highly willing to travel any extra mile to enable the candidates thoroughly master the platforms they learn from us. The convenient course delivery through conferences enables learning flexibly at your own time and from your own place. As and when you are studying or employed, you can get additional training and certifications from us that will prepare to ascend the subsequent steps of your career growth.

Arani Consulting is a highly renowned firm for offering a suite of add-on services to our candidates. We help them to find prospective employers in their respective fields enabled by our rich exposure to the industry. We help them face interviews successfully besides assistance with resume preparation. Once they are successfully placed, they can always fall back on us for any additional training and to master newer platforms. Therefore, we are their right partner for life-long career assistance.

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