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Are you looking to pursue your career as SAP Consultant?  Interested in SAP HANA training? Then you are in a right place.

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Arani Consulting provides SAP HANA Online training for both end users and consultants. Students can join us for their new start into SAP world. The consultants who are already working can upgrade their skills with us. We have implemented the best teaching methodologies to ensure that students gain the best knowledge and form the grip on the subject.

After the Successful completion of the training, the students will be trained on the real time projects. Our trainers will share their real time experiences which forms a strong foundation for the students.

In this Competitive business world, one must have access to all the operational data and respond quickly. The response time has to be high with a true interactivity.  SAP HANA can address these needs effectively.

SAP HANA stands for high-performance analytic appliance. It is an in-memory, column oriented relational database. Generally, this is deployed in the cloud. This is best suited for developing and deploying Real time applications and Real time analytics. The database engine of the SAP HANA is different from other db engines.

SAP HANA Online Training

SAP HANA for real time analytics.

  • Ø Operational Reporting
  • Ø Data Warehousing
  • Ø Predictive and Text analysis on Big data

SAP HANA for real time applications:

  • Ø Core process accelerators
  • Ø Planning, Optimization Apps
  • Ø Sense & response apps

Generally, a DBMS has to separate both OLTP and OLAP when used for analytical workloads. SAP HANA combines both OLAP and OLTP so that you won’t take time to load data from transactional database to reporting database.

SAP HANA Online Training Details: 

  • 60 Hours Course duration
  • Online Training  Course
  • Access to the course material
  • Latest course updates
  • Certified trainers with flexible trainings
  • Request for a demo

Pre-requisites for SAP HANA Online Training:

Any of these are recommended:

  • Ø 15 years of formal education
  • Ø Knowledge of SQL or DBMS
  • Ø Any Graduate with BE/B tech/MCA/BCA
  • Ø Preferably, Students with IT background.

SAP HANA Course Outline:

  • Ø SAP HANA Introduction and Architecture
  • Ø Basic Modeling
  • Ø Reporting on HANA with BI 4.2
  • Ø Advanced Data Modeling with SQL Script
  • Ø Data Provisioning: Data Services
  • Ø Data Provisioning: SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

SAP HANA Online Training Demo :

Enrollment Procedure:

Students have to register online for the admission into SAP HANA Online Training course. Payments can be done through our secure online payment gateway. Your queries can be posted to us on our mail id (or) you can also chat with our SAP Experts through our LIVE CHAT. We will respond to your queries within no time. Our Expert advises helps you to choose the best SAP module that is relevant to your educational qualification and experience.

Placements after SAP HANA Online Training:

Arani Consulting has tied up with many major consultancies to ensure the students to get best placement assistance services after the course completion. Students with top scores in the certification are given prior importance.

Why choose us?

We have a certified team of professionals who are expert trainers and have both consulting and domain expertise. We provide a facility to record each session and these sessions can be played later, whenever required. To pay attention towards each student, we provide training to only small batches with maximum size as 4 or 5.The Classes are Conducted through Webex and Goto meeting conferences so is flexible for each student to attend the classes from anywhere of the world. Each student has a chance to interact with the trainer and clear his queries.

Our Course material and the structure of the course are pre defined by the industry experts. At the end of each course, the student is accessed with a certification exam. The top score students are given the first priority for the placement assistance through our consultancies.

Students can attend the course at their flexible timings.

If you are interested, Please contact Arani consulting for timings and course details.

 Call us for your appointment today:  7396 – 388 – 592  or

Mail us at:

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