Course Title: Comprehensive Azure Power Platform Training

Course Overview:
Welcome to the Comprehensive Azure Power Platform Training! In this comprehensive course, you will be introduced to the Azure Power Platform and its various components, including Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow), and Power Virtual Agents. By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid understanding of how to leverage the Azure Power Platform to build powerful business solutions, automate processes, create interactive reports, and develop custom applications without extensive coding.

Unit 1: Introduction to Azure Power Platform

  1. Lesson: Introduction to Azure Power Platform
  • Understanding the core components of Azure Power Platform
  • Exploring the benefits and use cases of using the platform
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with Power BI
  • Introduction to Power BI and its role in data visualization
  • Building interactive and insightful reports and dashboards
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with Power Apps
  • Introduction to Power Apps and low-code app development
  • Creating custom applications for various business needs
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with Power Automate
  • Introduction to Power Automate and its workflow automation capabilities
  • Automating repetitive tasks and business processes
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with Power Virtual Agents
  • Introduction to Power Virtual Agents and chatbot development
  • Building intelligent virtual agents to interact with users

Unit 2: Power BI in Depth

  1. Lesson: Data Modeling and Data Transformation in Power BI
  • Understanding data modeling concepts in Power BI
  • Transforming and shaping data for analysis and visualization
  1. Lesson: Advanced Visualization Techniques in Power BI
  • Exploring advanced visualization options in Power BI
  • Creating custom visuals and using custom themes
  1. Lesson: Power BI Service and Collaboration
  • Utilizing Power BI Service for cloud-based reporting and sharing
  • Collaborating with teams and stakeholders on reports and dashboards

Unit 3: Power Apps in Depth

  1. Lesson: Building Canvas Apps in Power Apps
  • Creating canvas apps using drag-and-drop elements
  • Adding data sources and implementing functionality
  1. Lesson: Building Model-Driven Apps in Power Apps
    • Developing model-driven apps with a focus on data entities and relationships
    • Extending the Common Data Service (CDS) for app data storage
  2. Lesson: Power Apps Integration with External Services
    • Integrating Power Apps with external data sources and services
    • Implementing custom connectors for enhanced functionality

Unit 4: Power Automate in Depth

  1. Lesson: Creating Automated Flows in Power Automate
    • Building automated workflows using triggers and actions
    • Implementing conditional logic for flow control
  2. Lesson: Advanced Techniques in Power Automate
    • Exploring advanced features of Power Automate
    • Implementing error handling and exception management in flows

Unit 5: Power Virtual Agents in Depth

  1. Lesson: Building Advanced Chatbots in Power Virtual Agents
    • Creating complex chatbot dialogues and interactions
    • Integrating chatbots with Power Apps and other services

Unit 6: Power Platform Best Practices and Security

  1. Lesson: Power Platform Best Practices
    • Understanding best practices for design, development, and deployment
    • Optimizing performance and maintaining quality in solutions
  2. Lesson: Power Platform Security and Governance
    • Implementing security measures to protect data and applications
    • Adhering to governance policies and compliance standards

Course Conclusion:
Congratulations on completing the Comprehensive Azure Power Platform Training course! You are now equipped with the essential skills to utilize the Azure Power Platform effectively for data visualization, app development, workflow automation, and chatbot creation. Harness the power of low-code and no-code tools to drive digital transformation and innovation within your organization. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a proficient Azure Power Platform user!

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