Course Title: Comprehensive SAP Datasphere Training

Course Overview:
Welcome to the Comprehensive SAP Data Warehousing Training! In this extensive course, you will be introduced to the core concepts of SAP Data Warehousing and its essential components, including SAP BW Bridge and SAP Datasphere. Additionally, we will explore a comparison of SAP Datasphere with Snowflake and Databricks. By the end of this course, you will have gained a solid foundation in data warehousing, data modeling, data integration, and data consumption, empowering you to handle real-world data scenarios efficiently.

Unit 1: Getting Started

  1. Lesson: Getting Started with SAP Data Warehousing
  • Introduction to data warehousing
  • Understanding the role of SAP Data Warehousing in business intelligence
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with our Training Environment
  • Setting up the training environment
  • Navigating through the SAP Data Warehousing interface
  1. Lesson: Getting Started with our Hands-On Scenario
  • Working with a practical hands-on scenario
  • Exploring data warehousing challenges and solutions

Unit 2: SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere

  1. Lesson: Introducing SAP BW Bridge
  • Understanding the SAP BW Bridge in SAP Datasphere
  • Leveraging the bridge for seamless integration with SAP sources
  1. Lesson: Connecting to SAP Sources
  • Establishing connections to SAP data sources
  • Retrieving data from SAP systems into SAP Datasphere
  1. Lesson: Administrating SAP BW Bridge
  • Managing and maintaining the SAP BW Bridge
  • Configuring settings and optimizing performance
  1. Lesson: Migrating BW Content into SAP BW Bridge
  • Transferring and adapting BW content into SAP Datasphere
  • Ensuring data consistency and integrity during migration

Unit 3: SAP Datasphere

  1. Lesson: Getting Started with SAP Datasphere
  • Introduction to SAP Datasphere and its features
  • Understanding the benefits of using SAP Datasphere
  1. Lesson: Introducing Spaces
  • Creating and managing spaces in SAP Datasphere
  • Organizing data and projects effectively
  1. Lesson: Introducing Data Integration Options
    • Exploring data integration possibilities with SAP Datasphere
    • Integrating data from different sources into SAP Datasphere
  2. Lesson: Introducing Best Practices for Naming Conventions
    • Guidelines and best practices for naming objects in SAP Datasphere
    • Ensuring consistency and ease of maintenance

Unit 4: Modeling the SAP Datasphere Data Layer

  1. Lesson: Introducing Data Modeling in the Data Builder
    • Understanding data modeling concepts in SAP Datasphere
    • Building efficient data models for data warehousing projects

Unit 5: Data Consumption in SAP Analytics Cloud

  1. Lesson: Consuming SAP Datasphere Artifacts in SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Exploring data consumption options in SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Visualizing and analyzing data for decision-making

Unit 6: Model Transfer into SAP Datasphere

  1. Lesson: Transferring Data Models into SAP Datasphere
    • Importing and transferring data models into SAP Datasphere
    • Ensuring seamless model transfer and compatibility

Unit 7: Comparison with Snowflake and Databricks

  1. Lesson: SAP Datasphere vs. Snowflake – A Comparative Analysis
    • Understanding the key features and capabilities of SAP Datasphere and Snowflake
    • Analyzing their strengths and use cases for different data warehousing scenarios
  2. Lesson: SAP Datasphere vs. Databricks – A Comparative Analysis
    • Understanding the key features and capabilities of SAP Datasphere and Databricks
    • Comparing their performance, scalability, and integration capabilities

Course Conclusion:
Congratulations on completing the Comprehensive SAP Data Warehousing Training course! You now possess a strong understanding of SAP Data Warehousing, SAP BW Bridge, and SAP Datasphere. Additionally, you have gained valuable insights into the comparisons between SAP Datasphere, Snowflake, and Databricks. Utilize your newfound knowledge to optimize data management processes, enhance data analysis, and make informed business decisions. Best of luck on your data warehousing journey!

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