VIO, LPAR & HACMP(PowerHA) Admin online Training


  • HMC Installation
  • Connection p-series server
  • P-series server administration with HMC
  • HMC Back up
  • LPAR Creation


  • VIO Installation
  • LPAR ? creation with VIO
  • Micro partitioning
  • VIO administration using IVM Integrated Virtual Manager
  • Networking LPAR
  • Inter-Networking LPAR
  • Networking LPAR with external LAN
  • Configuration of SEA ? Shared Ethernet Adapter
  • VIO Servers Backup

3. HACMP Clustering

Part # 1. PowerHA for AIX: Migration and Extended Administration

    • Fundamental PowerHA for AIX concepts and components
    • Cluster planning
    • Build two node HACMP cluster

Part # 2. PowerHA for AIX: Implementation, Configuration and Administration

    • Explain the high availability concept
    • Outline the capabilities of PowerHA for AIX
    • Design and plan a highly available cluster
    • Install and configure PowerHA for AIX in the following modes of operation: Single resource group on a primary node with standby node; and Two resource groups in a mutual takeover configuration
    • Configure resource group startup, fallover, and fallback policies
    • Perform basic system administration tasks for PowerHA
    • Perform basic customization for PowerHA

Part # 3. PowerHA for AIX: Real Time Scenarios on Power Server

    • Create two node cluster
    • Install HACMP on each node
    • Configure each nodes
    • Start/stop/sync cluster
    • Design resource group and make resources highly available
    • Create multiple resource groups
    • Do gracefull fallover and fallback
    • HACMP concurrent volume groups
    • HACMP making filesystems highly available
    • Add shared storage to existing HA filesystems
    • Configure and test disk heartbeats
    • Upgrade HACMP
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