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Being a Global IT Training And Consulting company, We always excel to deliver the best training program for our students who are either recent graduates or have some IT experience.Combined with innovative Role Based training program and the guidance from industry expert trainers we have some excellent results to share with you. Our industry  leader Role based training program ,guidance after training program and consulting services had made our recent graduates realize their potential to achieve a career in IT with major insurance ,financial ,banking,retail,mobile,e-commerce and healthcare companies.

Here is a list of Testimonials from some of our past trainees.                                                               

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 Arani Consulting Karthik  –

I got certified today,  Thank you for all your support you have extended   I still have your voice ringing in my mind  . Analytic privilege and realtime reporting etc……….   I was listening to your last session in the car while driving to the exam yesterday. This was worth everything. I am clear on lot of topics now. I have read and watched lot of Hana academy videos too for some concepts like fuzzy search.I will send you the questions soon.You are awesome! and the best training professional I have ever come across. I really appreciate your dedication and clarity in the subject.I wish my teachers were as good as you when I was to college:)Lets keep in touch.



   Hi Priya –Arani Consulting

As requested I provided the training feedback in the above url , Personally I’m very much satisfied with the training delivered by Narasimha for which I met my expectations that were set before start of the training.

@ Narasimha – Thank you very much for your support & patience in clarifying all my concerns during the training period.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks & Regards
  Arani Consulting
Hello Priya  –

My pleasure! I enjoyed the course.I have completed the online survey.I’m not very comfortable writing testimonial on facebook page but I would definately recommend to friends and colleagues of mine, whenever anyone is in need for one.I would like to do MM course also at some point and I will keep in touch regarding that.

   Arani Consulting
      Hello Priya  –

I am writing to inform you that my SAP BODS training is finished.The training was excellent and Narsimha is a very good trainer. He equips us with the right information to onboard a project immediately after the training. He is very approachable and has imparted lot of real time information which is quite useful in projects.I will definitely recommend this training to anyone who wishes to learn SAP BODS .Thank you once    again.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Best Regards
Arani Consulting

Hello Karthik  –

Before I forget, I must compliment you on the excellent training. Even though I was reviewing BW , I dont regret attending training every weekend and now I have better undertanding of BW topics. This training has exceeded my expectations and thats directly related to you. We have been lucky to have an awesome instructor like you , the perfect combination of technical expertise, humor, patience and experience from real world .  You really took the time to make sure everyone had an understanding of the current topic before moving to the next one. I like your detail , step by step approach .

You have an ability to bring solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.  I would highly recommend you for any training not only BW because I am assuming in other areas also, you may have the same delivery of class.  Hopefully, If I get time, will look forward to get the HANA training from you.

Priyaa –  I dont think I can give one line feedback about Karthik. Please consider above Thank you note or review about him.

Thank you for having such an excellent and unique instructor–it made the whole experience worth so much more than the cost.

Arani Consulting

Hi Priyaa  –

I am impressed with Karthik’s SAP HANA training and want to recommend arani consulting to others,

 thank you,


Arani ConsultingThis is rakesh from the BODS class , the classes has been ended on saturday.

 My self being from different background it was a very good learning experience with you’re consulting group and it was great service from your side providing us with the class recording.
Taking classes under Narasimha was a good learning experience , he was kind to answer all the questions which may be tuff from my side but simple to him but he never hesitated and answered  all question’s kindly .
 Once again thank you for your support.

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