SAS BI ( Business Intelligence ) Online Training | SAS BI ( Business Intelligence )  Training

Overview of SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform and SAS Data Integration Studio
  • Business Intelligence overview
  • Business Intelligence Information Consumerscourse content
  • Navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio
Change Management
  • What is change management?
  • Repository types
  • Using change management
Designing the Course Data Mart
  • Planning a data warehouse
  • Building a Data Mart
  • Defining the source data
  • Defining the target tables
  • Loading the target tables
Creating Reports
  • Report Transformations
  • Using the Transformation Generator Wizard
  • SAS Data Integration Studio and stored -processes Transformations for Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Defining slowly changing dimensions
  • Using the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation
  • Using the Fact Table Lookup transformation
Job Scheduling
  • Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio jobs SAS Data Integration Studio and Data Quality
  • SAS and Data Quality
  • Using the Data Validation transformation
  • Using the Apply Lookup Standardization transformation
  • Using the Create Match Code transformation

SAS/Enterprise Guide

  • Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Enterprise Guide windows
  • Basic elements of SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Entering data
  • Creating a list report
  • Producing a frequency report
  • Creating a scatter plot
  • Adding a note to the project
  • Saving the project
Reading Data from Files
  • Opening a SAS data set from your local computer
  • Opening a SAS data set stored in a SAS library
  • Opening a Microsoft Excel file
Creating Reports
  • Creating a simple report
  • Changing titles and footnotes
  • Changing column labels and formatting values
  • Defining your own formats
  • Creating a grouped report
  • Selecting a style for the report
Working with Data in the Query Builder
  • Opening the Query Builder
  • Selecting columns
  • Creating a new column
  • Ordering and removing columns
  • Filtering data
  • Sorting the data rows
Joining Two Data Files Together
  • Opening the two data files to be joined
  • Joining tables
  • Filtering the data
  • Modifying the type of join
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