SAP QM Course outline:

  • Ø Basics of SAP, Quality Management course content
  • Ø Basic SAP GUI Navigation
  • Ø Quality Planning and Inspection
  • Ø Quality Management in Logistics
  • Ø Quality Management in Discreet Manufacturing
  • Ø Quality Management in the Process Industry
  • Ø Quality Management in Sales & Distribution / Quality Certificates

SAP QM Online Training Details:

  • Ø Course Duration: 35 Hours
  • Ø Course Type: Online Training
  • Ø Course Material will be provided

Eligibility for SAP QM Certification:

  • Ø Basics of SQL
  • Ø Any Graduate
  • Ø Preferably, Exposure on the process of Quality Management

Trainer’s Profile:

  • Ø SAP Consultant with both Consulting and Teaching Experience.
  • Ø Certified Professional.
  • Ø Trained more than 500 Students.

SAP QM Online Training: Demo Video

SAP QM Overview:

Quality Management is a process of overseeing various tasks and the activities to maintain the required or desired level of excellence in any business.  These tasks or activities typically include the planning, inspecting, sampling, testing, notifying and documenting the results.  SAP QM (Quality Management) is an integrated module of SAP ERP that provides support to all of these functions.  In a nutshell, quality management supports all activities that are meant to lay down quality standards, quality metrics monitoring, documenting the discrepancies and notifying the stakeholders.

SAP QM is provides the functions that were categorized into three broad categories.  Quality Planning provides the ability to manage the basic data of quality, material specifications and the inspection planning.  Master data management in quality inspection supports the features such as material master, catalogs, master inspection & class characteristics, methods of inspections, various sampling procedures and schemes and etc.  Inspection planning provides the features such as defining inspection plans, operation sets and the material specifications.  

The second category is ‘Quality Assurance’, which typically supports quality inspection and certificates.  Quality inspection function provides the capability to constantly verify the quality of the goods that are being produced on assembly lines or the material that is procured.  This function often extended to the material/goods that are returned by the customers through sales and distribution channel.

Third category is ‘Quality Control’, provides support for vendor evaluation, quality analysis in Quality Management information systems and statistical process control (SPC), utilizing control charts to detect the quality derivations.  Quality certificates (user defined or based on general standard) are awarded based on the inspection results.   Defects are notified to the stakeholders with the appropriate details using quality notification system.  Quality Management also facilitates test equipment management for testing as well as calibrating the equipment.  At the end, QM also captures the actual costs incurred to evaluate the quality such as appraisal and nonconformity costs. 

SAP QM Course Highlights:

  • Ø Implementing Management Systems with SAP
  • Ø Modeling QM Business Processes Using the EPC Method
  • Ø Operating SAP ERP
  • Ø Quality Management in the Supply Chain
  • Ø Quality and Inspection Planning
  • Ø Quality Inspection, Planning, and Control
  • Ø Information Systems and Evaluations
  • Ø Test Equipment Management
  • Ø Audit Management
  • Ø Customizing
  • Ø Migration Concepts

What makes us different from others?

We have a certified team of professionals who are expert trainers and have both consulting and domain expertise. We provide a facility to record each session and these sessions can be played later, whenever required. To pay attention towards each student, we provide training to only small batches with maximum size as 4 or 5.The Classes are Conducted through Webex and Goto meeting conferences so is flexible for each student to attend the classes from anywhere of the world. Each student has a chance to interact with the trainer and clear his queries.

Our Course material and the structure of the course are pre defined by the industry experts. At the end of each course, the student is accessed with a certification exam. The top score students are given the first priority for the placement assistance through our consultancies. Students can attend the course at their flexible timings.

If you are interested, Please contact Arani consulting for timings and course details. You can also “Fill this form/ Click here” to request a free Live Demo.

Call us to schedule your appointment today:  7396 – 388 – 592  or

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