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SAP for Oil and Gas is a highly innovative and potential enterprise solution evolved exclusively targeting the needs of oil and gas industry. The principal objective of this program is to deliver the set of tools and automated processes to map the various business processes of huge Oil and Gas organizations. The comprehensive suite of software solutions forming part of SAP for Oil and Gas can render support to manage the processes falling under categories like Upstream, Midstream & Downstream. The core modules of the solution can also cater to the requirements of financial accounting, Distribution, Materials Management and Human Resource Capital functions.

Both students and professionals looking forward to a lucrative career opportunity can pursue a course to learn this program. The various modules of the SAP for Oil and Gas training program train the professionals to customize and map SAP system; integrating SAP IS Oil and Gas components with Logistics Modules and FI module; and achieving system-wide configurations for integrating external and internal systems. SAP for Oil and Gas is one of the most popularly employed solutions for integrating the entire value-added chain for the Oil and Gas industry. The great advantage of this tool lies in easing the day-to-day activities in the company by providing uniform processes and tools for the various stakeholders in an organization. Mastering this platform can fetch the professionals a great career opportunity. The basic necessities to pursue this course include a strong logistics background, SCM and financial accounting background.

Arani Consulting is a certified and licensed agency to offer online training programs across various disciplines of the IT sector. We have a huge team of highly skilled and accomplished professionals who hail from varied industry backgrounds meaning that the team has versatile range of experience and capabilities. Our trainers have developed state of the art courses to let the candidates master the platforms they learn combined with a great amount of practical experience to accomplish various challenging projects. The online training programs are designed in a way providing more scope for personalized training taking into account the specialized needs of the candidates and their specific job roles so that the learning is more focused and skill oriented. In addition, they get to interact with the trainers during the course to benefit from their vast experience and practical wisdom. Thus our courses can significantly enhance the employability of the learners.

Arani Consulting online courses are delivered through conferences. Therefore, you can conveniently plan the place and time of your learning without having to quit your present job. You will be given a lot of projects, tests and assignment during the course delivery. These are viewed by top recruiters who are hunting for highly skilled candidates. Therefore, you have a rare chance to be recruited by top companies and land on high paying jobs. We offer several additional services to our candidates like resume preparation and interview preparation to help them successfully find a great career opening. The unique course design, highly effective delivery strategies and the suite of value added services and placement assistance we provide our students have together secured a great demand for our courses. You can request for a live demo of our course or seek more information on the courses from our personnel.

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