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Payroll is a crucially important segment in corporate administration. For instance, it is common for every employee to be interested in knowing the various benefits, taxes and deductions applied in their pay slips. SAP implementation pertains to administering crucial aspects like payroll including Human Resources, Human Capital Management, Taxes and benefits. One of the greatest advantages in SAP implementation is its capabilities to integrate Payroll with HR modules and SAP Financials. Across the countries, there is a significant difference in the way payroll is processed as it depends on their laws, tax structures and employee regulations.

Especially, the requirements of US payroll are unique. As a number of US states and industries have employee unions, handling payroll is quite challenging as union agreements and some complex calculations need to be taken into account. The multi-tier tax structure for Federal, State, and Local governments in the US mean taxregulations significantly vary between states.

SAP HR US Training RoadMap:

SAP HR Training RoadMap

US payroll features closely linked components that reflect the benefits given away to employees including Life Insurance, Pension Schemes, Spending Accounts, and Health Insurances. Also by way of standard payroll deduction, some employers even permit their employees to buy US Savings Bonds. Under this scenario, US payroll needs to handle such complexities.

One of the most attractive advantages of SAP HR US Payroll is the possibility to write custom rules to accommodate complex payroll calculations. The SAP Payroll system can effectively meet addresses such needs aided byPersonnel Administration and US Benefits modules that feature different kinds of configurations.

The SAP Payroll system enables high level function for payroll computation on a set of wages and benefit premiums. It can apply diverse kinds of schemas, rules, drivers, and wage typeswhilebeing implemented across different countries.

The payroll system has a set of standard reports like Federal forms. The Tax Reporter components can enable generating state and federal tax forms for any state. Adhoc query can generate several other kinds of reports.

US laws strictly regulate the concept of Garnishments and how the employers handle them. However, this concept does not exist in several other countries. SAP US Payroll offers a robust comprehensive functionality to handle Garnishments. Accruals can be calculated either annually or monthly. Specifically in the context of the U.S., Payroll financial period thoroughly impacts accruals.

SAP US Payroll is closely integrated with SAP financial module and features built-in configurable integration with regard to:

  • General Ledger (GL)dealing with Expenses and Balance Sheet.
  • Accounts Payable (AP) concerned with Remittance of taxes, deductions, benefits, postings.
  • Cost Center Accounting (CCA) related toCost Center postings.
  • Funds Management (FM) pertaining to Fund Center postings andfunds postings on public sector.

The three identical processes of SAP US Payroll system include,

  • Pre-Payroll Process to administer employee data before and during the payroll processing period.
  • Payroll Process that is concerned with actual calculations running parallel to managing the payroll control record. The payroll control record offers principal support to the whole process.
  • Post Payroll Processdealing with transferring data and money out of the payroll system.

Arani SAP US Payroll Online Training is an incredible program to facilitate a thorough knowledge of setting up and configuring the US Payroll system. The participants can learn how to implement the full payroll system.

Arani Consultancy’s SAP HR US Payroll Online Training has a number of distinguished advantages over other trainings available in this arena.

  • Our certified team of trainers can make you masters of the subject by offering a highly personalised coaching combined with a realt-ime experience of applying the concepts of the topic learnt.
  • The sessions provided online are recordable and can be played later on for recapitulation.
  • Training offered through Web-ex and Gotomeeting conferences enables a great degree of flexibility with regard to timings and locations. Every student is given a personalized access to the trainer to clarify their doubts.
  • The materials and the course modules designed by experts assure an in-depth mastery of the subject.
  • The certification assessment at the end, and the placement assistance based on the candidate’s merits are top highlights of our online training program.

Call us, mail us or contact us through the online form to know more about the course and choose the mode you will learn.

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