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In this competitive world, we need to make the right business decisions at right time without any delay. But sometimes we find it difficult to analyze the data which may impact your business decisions. SAP Crystal Dashboard is a part of SAP Crystal Solutions which is a easy to use tool that tracks your key performance data, makes at-a-glance reports that can be used for business arguments and immediate decision making.

Dashboard is powerful data visualization software that transforms complex data into interactive and easy to use analytics to report your data. You can either import your data directly or use excel sheet for this. Dashboard design can be customized or a prebuilt template can be used according to your business needs.

Highlights of the SAP dashboard design:

  • Ø Multiple sources of data is consolidated into a single dashboard.
  • Ø Reduce the risk of making wrong decisions.
  • Ø You can share the dashboard views online.

Dashboard Sample

SAP Dashboard Design Online Training Details:

  • Course Duration : 35 Hours
  • Type of course : Online Training
  • Course material can be accessed through our repository.


  • Ø Basic Knowledge of SQL.
  • Ø Any bachelor degree.
  • Ø Knowledge of Spreadsheet/ excel sheets and Report generation.
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