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Oracle Documaker is a highly popular Enterprise Document Automation (EDA) solution that is benefiting a large number of companies worldwide.  The capabilities of this platform include creating, managing and delivering enterprise communications to the clients and stakeholders of a company in the way and at the time when they need them. Most interestingly, the delivery is made available through a wide variety of formats as per the needs including print, email, text messaging, social media, and any other format. Oracle Documaker is driven by a set of rules and can automate documents besides augmenting communications and customer service. The ultimate objective of this platform is to enable the users achieve great levels of efficiency at minimum costs.

This highly robust and powerful publishing platform can automate enterprise-wide design, production and distribution of a wide range of documents through a broad array of channels. While helping to significantly reduce costs, this platform can provide a robust design environment, a number of conversion tools, multichannel output, quick templates, cost-efficient and customer centered delivery, pre-built forms libraries and capabilities to support emails, SMS, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF, fax, and 14 named print stream outputs. An effective training program in Documaker will cover a wide range of topics from, Works Space Configuration to low level Section Construction.

The ultimate advantage of Oracle Documaker Enterprise Edition is the delivery of an adaptive enterprise content from the beginning to the end of a given business lifecycle. Businesses can benefit from its cost-effective solutions that can revolutionize the different activities including designing, production, and multi-channel delivery of a wide range of documents. The capability of this platform to meet the requirements of well structured and highly professional transactional documents of high-volume output and also very much personalized and interactive correspondence made on demand is a real advantage for businesses.

After pursuing an effective training in the platform, the candidates are expected to have a mastery of the creation and development of Studio Workspace resources that will include developing and organizing sections and forms, building a repository for common variable fields, administering the font cross reference table, managing and transferring the graphics used in sections, managing the security of library resources besides creating access to them. The ability to perform Documaker Studio resource conversions and produce resource reports are essential part of the training.

Arani Consulting offers a world class Oracle Documaker Online Training program for working professionals and students who wish to pursue their career in this platform. We have a large number of courses covering almost all known topics of the IT industry. This has enabled us win a strategic position as a premier training institute across the globe. As an institution committed to build the talents of professionals aspiring to climb up the ladder of professional growth, we seek to offer the best kind of training that will give our students a royal entry to the IT arena. Our courses have a competitive advantage over the others offered by several other companies for a number of valid reasons.

Our courses are skillfully designed and delivered by industry experts with a renowned experience in their respective fields. Each of our course modules are interspersed with a lot of practical inputs that will give a thorough working knowledge in the subject. You can learn our courses at your own time and from your preferred location through conferences. We believe in a constant association with our students and therefore stay with them all along their career enabling them stay at the winning edge. Our add on services include resume writing, placement assistance and interview preparation. All these aspects and several more have accounted for our indomitable position in the industry. We can help you gain a thorough mastery of Oracle Documaker and you can bank on our proven capabilities to let you achieve a huge success.


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