Unit 1: Front-end Technologies

  1. HTML5, Semantic Elements, Document Structure
  2. CSS3, Applying Styles, Selectors
  3. Responsive Web Design, CSS3 Media Queries
  4. Bootstrap4, Components, Responsive Grid System
  5. JavaScript, Fundamentals, Functional Programming, Arrays, ES6, Strings
  6. Async Programming, Callback Fns, Promise, AJAX
  7. Fetch API, JSON-Server
  8. Async & Await
  9. Unit Testing – Jasmine, Karma
  10. Coding tools – Visual Studio Code
  11. Static Servers – http-server, live-server, JSON-server
  12. VCS – Gitlab


Unit 2: Angular Framework

  1. Single Page Applications
  2. Angular Architecture
  3. Working with Modules, components, two-way data binding, events
  4. Dependency Injection, Working with Services, API calls
  5. Working with Template Driven & Reactive Forms, Validations
  6. Routing, Guards, Authentication & Authorization using JWT
  7. Angular Material, Schematics, Components, Dialogs, Cards
  8. Components Communication, Observables, Behavior Subject,
  9. Scalable Project Structure for large enterprise applications
  10. Unit Testing, E2E Testing
  11. Setting CI Pipelines


Unit 3: Java Programming

  1. Programming Fundamentals, JDK, JVM, JRE
  2. Working with Class, Objects, Methods,
  3. Object-Oriented Programming Features: Inheritance, Polymorphism,
  4. abstraction, encapsulation
  5. Working with Arrays & Strings
  6. Exception Handling
  7. Working with IO
  8. Collection Framework
  9. Streams API
  10. Unit Testing – JUnit


Unit 4: Spring Framework

  1. Spring Core Container, Spring architecture, IOC, Dependency Injections
  2. Spring MVC, DispatcherServlet, ViewResolvers
  3. Hibernate, ORM Framework, Entities, Spring-Hibernate DAO
  4. Entity Relationships: One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many
  5. SpringBoot, RESTful Web Services, Spring Data JPA
  6. Testing RESTful web services using Mockito
  7. Spring AOP, Spring Security using JWT
  8. Working With NoSQL Databases
  9. Working With GraphQL Databases


Unit 5: Microservices Architecture

  1. Microservices Architecture, Monolithic VS Microservices
  2. Spring Cloud
  3. Microservices patterns
  4. Eureka Service Registry & Discovery
  5. Zuul API Gateway, Client Sideload Balancing, Feign, Ribbon
  6. Config Server, Distributed Configure management system
  7. Microservices communication using RestTemplate, Feign
  8. Asynchronous communication using Message Brokers
  9. Fault Tolerance, Hystrix, Zipkin
  10. Monitoring Microservices using Grafana, Prometheus
  11. Documenting Web Services using Swagger


Unit 6: DevOps – CI/CD

  1. Introduction to DevOps, Challenges in shipping a product
  2. Importance of automating build, test, deploy stages
  3. Continuous Integration
  4. Writing CI files with different stages for front-end, back-end applications
  5. Continuous Delivery
  6. Docker, Docker images, Docker engine, Containers, networks
  7. Containerizing front-end applications
  8. Containerizing back-end services
  9. Docker-compose


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