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1. Introduction & Hardware Overview

  • Review of UNIX Basics
  • Introduction to P-Series P5,P6 & P7 Hardware features
  • History Of AIX
  • AIX 6.1 Vs AIX 5.3v

2) Object Data Manager and Devices(ODM):

  • ODM why it is used and how to Backup ODM
  • Device configuration disconfiguration cycle in AIX
  • Adding/removing a hot plug device in AIX using configuration manager
  • Using ODM commands: lsdev, lscfg, lsconf, chdev,cfgmgr
  • ODM Device classes and Software VPD

3) Logical Volume Manager (LVM):

  • How LVM is organised in AIX
  • Drawbacks of traditional partitions Vs. Advantages of AIX LVM
  • Concepts: Physical volume, VolumeGroup, Logical Volume, Physical Partition, Logical Partition
  • Concepts: VGDA LVCB VGSA
  • rootvg and BOS Logival Volumes
  • Types of Logical Volumes and their use
  • PV, VG, LV characteristics
  • Varyon and Varyoff concepts and Quorum
  • Import and export of VGs
  • Create LV copies and mirroring of VGs
  • Remove failed PV from mirrored rootvg
  • Migrating data on a PV to another PV
  • Using syncvg, reorgvg, synclvodm commands
  • Changing volume group type
  • Running FSCK and defragfs on Filesystems
  • PV characteristics. Availability/ Allocation / VGDA / Max Request / PP distribution

4)AIX Filesystem Management:

  • Different types of AIX filesystems
  • JFS and JFS2 filesystems differences
  • Creating and mounting AIX jfs/jfs2 filesystems
  • extending / reducing filesystems
  • Changing mount point of filesystem
  • Managing jfslog / jfs2log devices
  • Running filesystem checks

6)AIX Storage Concepts

  • Host Bus Adapter and fibre SCSI
  • AIX connection with storage concept
  • Multipathing concepts

7)Paging and Dump:

  • AIX paging space designing
  • Adding / removing / extending / reducing paging space
  • Listing paging space utilization / information
  • Mirroring paging space and quorum changes
  • Taking a system dump from HMC
  • Remove failed disk in mirrored pagingvg
  • Dump devices and dump significance
  • Dump devices in mirrored rootvg
  • Configure primary and secondary dump devices in rootvg

8) SMIT and using SMIT:

  • SMIT concept and using smit from console and GUI
  • SMIT fastpaths

9) Networking AIX:

  • Networking devices and their initial configuration
  • Changing Speed/Duplex and IP settings
  • Etherchannel concepts and configuration
  • Manage routing table in AIX
  • Changing default gateway

10) Software Installation:

  • Fileset, package, License Program Product and BOS
  • Software installtion commands and modes of software install
  • Listing packages and filesets on installation media
  • Listing information about installed software
  • Install efix

11) Software Maintenance:

  • Introduction on APAR, ML, TL, SP and use
  • Software maintenance commands
  • AIX Upgrade considerations
  • Upgrade AIX system to a new Technology and service patch levels
  • Install GNU opensurce Linux softwares in AIX

12) Network File System:

  • Share a directory from one LPAR
  • Mount the NFS share on AIX
  • NFS communication troubleshooting

13) System Resource Controller

  • AIX Subsystems and Groups
  • Managing inetd subsystems
  • Running FTP server
  • Start / Stop services using SRC

14) Diag and error reporting

  • Error logging fascility
  • Use errpt to locate failed hardware/software
  • Remove/replace failed hardware and update errlog
  • Using diag to analyse error log

15)AIX Booting Process:

  • Inittab file and AIX runlevels
  • Phases of booting
  • Changing timezones
  • Boot system from either 32 bit or 64 bit kernel
  • Troubleshooting booting related problem
  • Read boot log

16) AIX Installation:

  • Pre and Post installation tasks
  • AIX BOS installation on an lpar
  • Difference between migration and preservation
  • New and complete overwrite installation

17) User Management:

  • User management concept
  • AIX Security files
  • Troubleshooting common login problems
  • User password and login policies

18) MISC:

  • Backup directories and files
  • Job scheduling using cron, at, batch
  • Using nohup, jobs
  • Using snap command
  • Using topas, vmstat, iostat, svmon, vmo, nfso, no
  • Install rpms
  • Using X server in AIX

HMC (Hardware Management Console) & VIO Concepts

  • HMC -introduction
  • HMC shutdown/startup
  • Create new lpar and install AIX
  • Boot/shutdown LPAR via HMC using GUI or command line
  • Introduction to VIOS and Hypervisor

20. Discussion on Real time tickets of AIX Administration
21. Resume Preparation for AIX


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