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Hyperion Interactive Report Online Training | Hyperion Interactive Report  Training

Starting Interactive Reporting.
  • Starting Interactive Reporting.
Opening and Saving a Sample File.
  • Opening and Saving a Sample File.course content
Creating a sample query
  • Creating a sample query
Viewing Database Tables.
  • Viewing Database Tables.
Adding Topics to query
  • Adding Topics to query
Viewing Results.
  • Reordering Columns.
  • Sorting Columns
  • Filtering Data.
  • Calculating Data.
  • Pivoting Data.
  • Drilling Down.
  • Hiding Data.
  • Adding Color.
Charting data.
  • Sorting Charts.
  • Inserting Text Labels.
Designing Reports.
  • Creating smart Reports.
  • Sorting Columns.
  • Setting up a Report page.
Inserting Sections and Breaks.
  • Inserting Sections and Breaks.
Changing Views.
  • Changing Views.
Formatting Text and other elements.
  • Formatting Text and other elements.
Setting interactive reporting options.
  • Setting interactive reporting options.
Exporting document as web page.
  • Exporting document as web page.
Export to HTML Wizard.
  • Export to HTML Wizard.
Spot lighter.
  • Spot lighter.
  • Query Section.
  • Building queries.
  • Processing Queries
  • Saving Queries
  • Derived Tables.
  • Working with query section data.
  • Results section.
  • Enhancing your results set.
  • Working with results table.
  • Saving Results set.
  • Exporting Results set
Working with Tables.
  • Table Section.
  • Creating Tables.
  • Manipulating Table Data.
  • Working with Table Components.
Querying Multidimensional Databases
  • Olap Query Section
  • Defining OLAP Query Options
  • Building OLAP Queries.
  • Refining OLAP Query data.
  • Processing OLAP Queries.
  • Applying Filters.
Cube query:
  • Cube Query Catalog.
  • Member selection.
  • Query options.
  • Showing as Chart.
  • Exporting a Cube query.
Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables.
  • Creating Pivot Table.
  • Charting a Pivot table.
  • Working with Pivot table.
  • Pivoting Data.
Report Designer.
  • Report Section.
  • Creating a custom report.
  • Working with a report page.
  • Formatting report items.
Computed Items.
  • About Computed Items.
  • Adding Computed items.
  • Common computed item example.
Applying Sorts.
  • Sorting Data.
  • Simple Sort.
  • Sort lines.
  • Complex Sorting.
  • Nested Sorting.
Understanding Connectivity in Interactive Reporting.
  • About IR Database connection files.
  • Working with interactive reporting connection.
  • Connecting to database.
Data Modeling.
  • About Modeling.
  • Building a data model.
  • Understanding joins.
  • Working with Data Models.
Security for Interactive reporting.
  • Security for Interactive reporting.
Introduction to dashboards.
  • Introduction to dashboards.
Migrating reports with dashboards
  • Migrating reports with dashboards
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