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IBM describes Cognos TM1 as a Financial Performance Management (FPM) platform. It is a sort of in-memory MOLAP cube application that has capabilities to perform real-time rules calculation. It is featured to offer writeback to the end user and therefore implemented by the Office of Finance for the purpose of budgeting and modeling. Predominantly, Cognos TM1 works on MS Excel interface. At the same time, it is not uncommon to find it with a zero footprint web “front end” as well as Cognos Insight, that enable distributed or disconnected access to the TM1 cubes. TM1 can easily be integrated into Cognos BI, in a way Cognos BI reports from TM1 cubes. Alternatively, TM1 can also be accessed from a portlet viewed within a Cognos BI dashboard.

Cognos TM1 and Cognos 10 BI differ significantly from each other. Cognos TM1 is a kind of (OLAP) multidimensional database that can be queried from Web and Excel via applications including TM1 Web, TM1 Executive Viewer and Cognos 10 BI. This database can be used to create almost any kind of OLAP or Decisional application. On the other hand, Cognos 10 BI is a kind of web based reporting application. Using this platform, the users who depend on their rights including license for instance can run reports, schedule reports and create ad hoc analysis either against relational or multidimensional databases. To achieve this end, a logical layer has to be constructed by using “Framework Manager”. This logical layer will in turn hide the complexity of the database and provide relevant information to the end user.

Arani Consulting Cognos TM1 Online Training

Arani Consulting Cognos TM1 online training is perhaps the best way to access a world class online training offered by industry’s best certified professionals. Cognos TM1 is experiencing a huge demand in today’s industry on account of its crucially important features and functions. Our courses are well planned and designed with the needs and learning capabilities of the participants. The course exposes the learners to a deep understanding of the various aspects of Cognos TM1 besides facilitating a knowledge of the recent developments and applications of the product. The quality tips we provide will enable the learners acquire a real-time working knowledge with this software. We constantly believe that technology is advancing and the success of a training firm lies in constantly updating itself. Therefore, we constantly strive to modify the course material and delivery process based on the emerging needs and changes.

Some of the top highlights of our online training program include the following

  • Our mode of course delivery through Webex and Gotomeeting conferences facilitates flexible learning options with regard to time and place of learning.
  • We have different kinds of courses ranging over fast track and slow paced to help learners with different learning paces
  • The candidates enjoy a personalized access to the knowledge pool of the experts to clarify their doubts, derive hands-on experience and master the subject to the best standards.
  • Training given by well-experienced giants who are certified and highly skillful in their field
  • Modules are specially designed to meet the online mode of training and are globally proven
  • The trainers are well versed in the art of online teaching getting them a wide acclaim among the learner’s community
  • The trainers aim to pass on their real time industry experience to the students through practical way of teaching
  • We provide after course support services like certifications, placement assistance, resume preparation and assistance to face interviews.
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