Unit 1: Introduction to Agile

  1. Introduction to Agile
  2. The History of Agile
  3. Agile Way of Thinking
  4. Other Agile Frameworks

Unit 2: Introduction to the Scrum Framework

  1. Introduction to Scrum
  2. Scrum Events and Artifacts
  3. Articulating Scrum values
  4. Locating Scrum in empirical process theory
  5. Viewing the Scrum Framework as a container for Agile
  6. Distinguishing Scrum’s focus on self-management

Unit 3: Defining the Scrum Master Role

  1. Positioning the Scrum Master role in the Scrum Team
  2. Identifying three key aspects of Agile servant leaders
  3. Facilitating the events of the Scrum framework
  4. Leading Scrum Teams to high performance
  5. Acting as organization-wide change agent

Unit 4: Coaching the Scrum Team

  1. Forming cross-functional teams from individuals with different professional backgrounds
  2. Balancing conflicting opinions within the team
  3. Dealing with dysfunctional team members
  4. Protecting the team from outside interference

Unit 5: Identifying and Removing Impediments

  1. Facilitating the daily Scrum
  2. Designing engaging and effective Sprint Retrospectives
  3. Developing responses to typical scenarios

Unit 6: Facilitating change in the wider Organization

  1. Recognizing the tension between empirical process control and traditional management culture
  2. Helping the team progress when the organization has not fully adapted to Agile
  3. Mapping spheres of influence and control within the organization

Unit 7: Continuously Improving as a Scrum Master

  1. Practicing soft skills for more effective servant leadership
  2. Networking for mutual support and learning
  3. Valuing the team performance as a yardstick of success
  4. Ensuring the right metrics are being collected
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